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Achziv Festival

Branding for Achziv Festival, a celebration of sun, sea and freedom in Achziv Land, a self-declared micro-nation inside Israel. 

Student work, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

The Challenge

Branding Nostalgia and Freedom

I was challenged with a brief for choosing a micro-nation and creating visual branding for its annual festival. I chose Achziv Land, a unique and fascinating micro-nation located on northern Israel. Originally a small fishing village, Achziv was transformed into a selfproclaimed independent nation in the 1970’s by a charismatic artist and social activist named Eli Avivi. Avivi was inspired by the free spirit ideals of the 1960’s and saw Achziv as a place where people could live free from the constraints of mainstream society. He declared the village to be an independent state, and began issuing passports and other official documents to residents and visitors. 

The posters are designed to be torn during the festival, creating a unique effect.

You can see an example in the video.

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