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The Brandbook of the Jewish Apocalypse

FINAL PROJECT at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. 

The Brandbook of the Jewish Apocalypse is a contingency plan brandbook for the end of the world, as depicted by apocalyptical prophecies in the Jewish Bible. The brandbook is based on my military service in the IDF Spokesperson Unit as a Social Media Manager, and especially on “Protective Edge” Operation.

In this project I explored the way that this Military PR Office has such a huge influence on the narrative in Israel. I deconstructed our visual ethos and created a whole new branding language for the end of the world, featuring the scenarios Gog and Magog war (Ezekiel Book) and the Vision of Daniel (Daniel Book).


So, when the Jewish Apocalypse is coming - at least we will have a brandbook.

Read about the project on Haaretz (Hebrew)

Visual language for Gog & Magog War

Visual language for Daniel Vision

Photo credit: Daniel Hanoch, Tom Gan-Or

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