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Bituach Yashir App

Bituach Yashir is Israel’s leading direct insurance company. As a part of the app's design team, we crafted a forward-thinking application specifically tailored to meet the brand's intricate needs, shaping the future of the insurance business.

Commercial Work

Experience Designer for Designit, Tel Aviv

The Strategy

Creating Seamless Experience for Completely Different Products

The app showcases the company’s capabilities, its large variety of insurance services (home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and many many more), and its wide array of proactive services including 24h availability, seamless integration with digital payment apps, and a “we do more for you” approach.

The Challenge

Creating a Unique Experience in a Highly Saturated Market

There are many players in the Insurance field. 

Collaborating with the client, we needed to identify Bituach Yashir's value propositions and identify the elements that differentiate their brand and user experience in the market.

The Solution
Loyalty Club
We launched a loyalty club for Bituach Yashir clients. The establishment of a loyalty club has enhanced the brand's market standing by cultivating customer loyalty through exclusive benefits and personalized experiences, consequently boosting engagement with Bituach Yashir's app.

Animations and Motion Design

Throughout the ongoing work on the app, I created animations and micro-animations to enhance the app's design and world.

The Result

One of the Top Insurance Apps in Israel

Providing a user-friendly platform for purchasing, managing, and customizing policies, it has garnered widespread acclaim for its convenience and efficiency, including real-time updates and streamlined claims processing.

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