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Moon Through History Index 

An informative data visualization and analysis of visual representations of the moon throughout the generations.

The exploring method is based on the lunar phases and each representation embodies the time period it has been created. 

Student work, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

The Challenge

Curating the Known as New

I have always been fascinated by the moon, and I’m not the only one: throughout history, many artists looked up to the moon. 

It is one of the strongest visual tropes we have, and it can be found in art and mythology in all of the human societies. 

I wanted to explore those interpretations and perhaps find something new in the thread that runs through all of them. 

During the research, I dug into the internet, the library and the NASA archives, indexed and arranged the moon imagery, matching each image to its lunar phase. 

Layering Information Hierarchies 

When you dig into each visual asset, each representation embodies the time and place it was created. I wanted to enhance these atmospheres that each moon demonstrates. Therefore, I used different typefaces for the years title in the index. Each typeface has been carefully curated in order to match the representation’s environment. 

New Experience When Looking at the Moons

The Scrolling System Grid

I wanted to create a special exploring experienced not to arrange the moons chronologically or alphabetically. I wanted an experience that matches the moon: magical, mysterious, cyclic. 

Therefore, I used the lunar phase itself as the exploring experience. The index is arranged from waxing to waning. 

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