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The Movement for Quality Government

The MQG is a non-profit organization that focuses on exposing public corruption using legal and protest measures. I have been MQG’s graphic designer through one of the their biggest conflicts up to date: the fight to impeach Israel’s prime minister for his alleged corruption allegations. I tailored wide and varied range of products for the movement, while creating a visual language that communicates political activism. 

The Challenge

A Living, Evolving Brand for One of Israel’s Biggest Protests

During 2020, demonstrations spread in the country demanding Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to resign immediately due to his alleged criminal charges. Each demonstration held tens of thousands, even during the pandemic and quarantine. During these nation-wide demonstrations, I worked 24/7 with the MQG to design social media and print products that needed to constantly respond to real-time events. 

Merchandise Line

Protesters wanted to mark themselves as a part of the protest, to feel as a part of something bigger. 

Together with the my teammates, we created a line of “merchandise”, signaling out MQG protesters including t-shirts, bags, masks, stickers and other print products. 

Moreover, we had to think about what protesters would like to take a photo with and share on social media to spread the cause, and had to figure out this creative challenge every week. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 16.30.06.png

Social Media Posts

The MGQ’s social media is very active, each post gains thousands of likes and impressions. Our main challenge was conveying through simple, immediate visuals very complex topics. Legal corruption allegations are something that is very hard to communicate visually without falling into cliches, so the challenge every day has been how to simplify complex legal matters to the masses. 

The MQG's Font:
Inspired by Handwritten Signs and Classic Hebrew Typeface 

After quite some time as a the sole designer, I felt the need of a font for the MQG’s posts and signs, to signal out at the protests and on social media.

I designed quickly a font to run with, inspired by handwritten protest signs and based on the classic Hebrew “Haim” typeface. 

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