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Max Abroad

When going on a vacation, the user has different financial needs: foreign currency, expenses and insurance. To address these specific needs, we partnered with MAX to establish a digital area that caters to clients seeking suggestions and solutions while planning their vacations.

This project is actually a part of Max App, but I actually like it so much that it deserves a page.

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Commercial Work

Experience Designer for Designit, Tel Aviv

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The Challenge

Combining features in a fun way

As a part of Max's Super App approach, they have many great features for when their clients go abroad: foreign currency benefit, insurance, discount on flights and hotels, cashback and more.

The challenge: how do we show the user these features without being too overwhelming but still keep it light and fun.

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The Solution

Putting features on a timeline

When we looked at the features list that we had to place in this flow, we understood that each of them fits a different "time" when going on a vacation: No Flight, Flight Soon and Flight Now.

Flight Now

Emergency buttons for those who log in the app in a hurry. 

Also a summary of your expenses and foreign currency calculator.

Flight Soon

The anticipation. The timer until your vacation. The "tasks" you need to go when going abroad.

No Flight

that period when you dream about vacation. You explore your possibilities, fantasize about your next destination.

The Result

Changing the way clients go on vacation

We assembled the ideal resources tailored to suit specific requirements during each phase, resulting in an holistic experience that encompasses technical assistance during critical moments, vacation-related perks and special resources for the user.

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