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Chick Flicks Index

The Blonde, the Makeover, the Love Interest - we all know them from chick flicks such as Legally Blonde and Clueless. But what is a good chick flick? Does it have to include all those tropes?
In this data oriented project, we explored what are the tropes of the Chick Flick genre and cross checked them with movies released in 1995-2005, checking whether a chick flick movie has to include a Blonde, a Love Interest, a Makeover, and more stereotypical tropes.

Collaboration with Rachel Columbus
Student work, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Prototype, made with Adobe XD

Screens Examples

Our research included watching the movies and get a screenshot each time we noticed a trope. 

Examples: The Kiss, the Love Interest, the Makover, the Shopping, the Telephone and the Flying Objects.


Also, we mapped each time the colour pink appeared on the screen.

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